Short Story: From a Small Connection

Follows after Even the Small Things and For the Small Requests.

~From a Small Connection~

As a solo adventurer, he was used to going hours, sometimes days without talking to anyone.

[MintBreeze: Got everything on the list for Prana Plains]

[MintBreeze: LopADop has a request. Do you have <<Sirasira Cores>>?]

[MintBreeze: There’s someone at Mikly Mountain asking for <<Slime-kissed Syrup>>. Do you have any?]

He was not used to all this chatter.

MintBreeze might just be a beginner adventurer, but there was nothing beginner about her network. Only she contacted him, but it felt like a whole island of people spilled through her words.

“I’m an adventurer, not a broker!” he said to his house sitter Orion one evening after returning from his trip.

“This sounds like a good thing. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that.” Orion’s eyes wandered over to the extra rooms in the house. “And you have a lot of ‘other people’s treasures’ behind these doors.”

He wanted to reply with “So you’re saying I have a lot of trash?”, but he wouldn’t like the reply, so the words never left his lips.

“I’m an adventurer because I don’t want to deal with people,” he said instead, only to belatedly remember that Orion was one of those ‘people’. “No offence.”

His house sitter didn’t bother to hide his amused smile.

“None taken. It’s the reason I can have this job.” Orion reached over and clapped his shoulder. “You do you. Leave people to me.”

He left MintBreeze to Orion and set off for his next trip. When he returned, his house had turned into an office.

Pushing past the people gathered in his living room, he found the man he was looking for.

“What happened to my house?”

In the three days he was away, Orion and MintBreeze had expended the casual network of requests into a public platform. For a small fee, anyone could post their request, for anyone who was willing and able to fulfil it.

“Well, we say ‘anyone’, but it’s only within the circle of people we know,” Orion said.

“‘We’ as in?”

“MintBreeze and I.”

“… So half the region knows about this.”

“Pretty much.”

Within a year, their humble platform would plant branches all over the region, connecting adventurers with residents through mutually beneficial quests.

But that was later. Right now, he had a more pressing concern.

“If you’re using my house as an office, where do I go?”

Orion pointed up towards the ceiling. “There’s still the second floor.”

He just came back, but he was itching to leave already.


Genre: fantasy

Even the Small Things (start here for context) | For the Small Requests | From a Small Connection | Just a Small Inconvenience | A Small Distraction | A Small Bite


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