Short Story: The Toy Snake

She wasn’t the most sociable person, but she could hold conversation like a normal person, worked alongside like a normal person, played together like a normal person.

But there was nothing normal about this party.

The party had been running for a whole day, and it looked ready to keep going for another. Plenty of people had come and gone throughout the day, and she would love to leave to.

If the party wasn’t at her house.

Desperate times called for desperate measures.

Out of sight, she cradled the head of a toy snake. Originally a joke gift during a present exchange at a different party, the little snake and its soft rubber body was just the distraction she was looking for. With a simple flick of a switch, the toy whirred to life. She slipped the snake under a couch and let the tiny machine slither away.

For a long moment, the party continued with no change, and began to wonder if her plan wasn’t as effective as she first thought.

Then came the first scream, and like a spark on a bed of dry leaves the whole house shook as more people screamed and ran.

The chaos calmed when the snake was discovered as a fake. Next came laughter, punctuated by occasional shrieks as the toy was used to scare the more sensitive hearts among them.

Like an alarm clock, the scare woke them up from the dream that was the overlong party. Their guests trickled out of the house, some lingering a little longer to help clean up. Eventually, they, the host, finally had their home back to themselves, and she was happy to find not a single suspicious look turned her way.  

That night, she found her toy snake, coiled neatly on her bed.

Perhaps she hadn’t been as inconspicuous as she thought.



Genre: slice of life

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