Interactive Fiction: The Enchanted Watch 1

She sighed as a gentle wind caressed her chilled cheeks.

After a long life of fighting, she finally earned a season of peace as she counted down her last days.

But just because she no longer wielded a weapon didn’t mean the battle was over. All her comrades were dead, and there was a choice she hadn’t yet made.

A long time ago, she received an enchanted watch. She no longer remembered how she got it, but it could turn invisible at will, couldn’t be forcefully taken from her, and most important of all, allowed her to turn back time.

In the two short years she fought at the front line, she lived centuries of increasingly lonely years as she rewound time, again and again, trying to find that one magical solution that could save everyone she loved without sacrificing the world.

The day she realised she couldn’t even remember how her own family looked like, she chose to give herself a break. Just once, she pulled away from the battle and let herself live a linear life all the way to the end. It wasn’t a great life, but it was still precious.

Could she really give this up?

~End Part 1~

A: Yes (continue here)

B: No (continue here)

Genre: fantasy

A/N: Today I learnt that ‘Choose your own adventure’ is a trademarked term.

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