Short Story: JAR-ring Discovery

Everything was in its place. The chairs stood neatly around the square table, the cushions lounged at the ends of the velvety couches, jars lined up quietly along the cheery yellow shelves.

But she couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off.

It took her a whole month of stalking her own home before she finally found the culprit.

A squirrel, with dextrous little paws to unscrew the lids from her jars and snack on its contents, and a cunning mind not to empty the jar and to screw the lids back on to hide the squirrel’s trace.

The mystery was solved. Now what?

After a solid week’s consideration, she came to a decision. She would leave the jars as they were, and even refill them now and then. Not just because the squirrel had already contaminated anything inside, but also so that the jars could serve as bait and draw its attention away from her new set of jars. This time, she was keeping them in a locked cabinet.

And if the squirrel managed to break into that too… She hadn’t suffered food poisoning the past month. She would be fine.


Genre: slice of life

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