Short Story: A Rain of Bits and Bobs

He woke to the sound of rain. Except this rain was falling downstairs inside his house, and instead of water it was bits and bobs scattering across the hard wood floor of the study downstairs.

“What are you doing?” he asked through a yawn as he peered down the steps.

“Nothing!” his sister said in a tone too hasty for the statement to be true.

He rubbed his sleep heavy eyes with the heel of his palm as he headed down the stairs. “What are you looking for?”

His sister pressed her lips together. He folded his arms and leaned against the door frame of the study, the perfect spot to survey the mess littered over the normally pristine room. He didn’t have anything planned today. He could afford to wait. Could she?

Evidently not, because she caved first.

“I can’t find the badge,” she whispered.

“What badge?”

“You know the one. Gold. Three points like a shield. Has the picture of a drumstick in the middle.”

“Mum’s ‘Legendary Taste’? What do you want that tacky thing for?”

“I don’t need it. I need to return it.”

“Oh… oh.” Any trace of sleepiness vanished. He quickly shut the door behind him. “You lost it?”

“No. I just… misplaced it.” His sister ran nervous fingers through her mussed hair. “My friend didn’t believe me when I told her how ugly it was. I only needed it for a second but then things happened and now it’s gone. I mean, it’s still here. I just can’t see it. You have to help me.”

Ugly it may be, Mum didn’t keep that badge for its looks. It was part of a set three, created by his late great-grandmother for her three children right before she passed. There was nothing like it, and there would never be another.

He joined his sister in her quietly frantic search.


Genre: slice of life

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