Short Story: For Her Beloved Kitties

For her beloved kitties, she would do anything. Do the research, foot the bill, endure the butt-in-face wake up call…

Yes, she would do anything, even arrange for play dates for her furry babies.

She would.


She turned away from the door, away from the lively feline lovers gathered inside the room.

“Hey there. You here for CAT?”

She turned to see a young man in a cat-eared hoodie. Without waiting for her to respond, he continued.

“Cat Appreciation Tribe. I’m sure you are. Come on.”

One arm braced behind her back, he used his free hand to push the wooden door open.

“Hey everyone, we have a guest,” he announced.

Eager faces crowded around her. She shrunk back, but the hoodie wearer blocked her escape path. There were way more new people than she was comfortable with.

But she wasn’t here for herself. She was her for her beloved kitties. Doing her best to move out of her shy shell, she spoke.

“Hi, I’m looking for a play date for my cats.”


Genre: slice of life

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