Short Story: Surprise Guests

Guests otw eta 10 mins.

That was all the warning she managed to give her brother as her friends invited themselves over to her home. Her family didn’t mind guests, but they just hosted a dinner party the night before that ended in the early morning and hadn’t had a chance to clear up the mess yet.

When her brother opened the front door to let them in, she sent him an anxious glance. He replied with a discreet thumbs up.

To her surprise, the house was clean. Her fear that a door would burst open with hastily crammed junk never happened. Even the dirty dishes that had piled up after the hearty meal was neatly dried and arranged in their cupboard.

Her brother had pulled off a miracle.

“What do you want for lunch?” she asked after her friends left as abruptly as they arrived. “My treat.”

“What’s your budget?” he asked. 


“Even a stupidly expensive degustation?”


Good work deserved to be acknowledged. She  would gladly pay the price.



Genre: slice of life

Inspired by the prompt astound.

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