Short Story: Story Time with the Twins

Trapped inside the house by rain so heavy it turns the whole world white, she can’t take the twins she’s babysitting out to the park as planned.

The power’s out too, so no movie marathon to entertain the pair of active boys either. No matter. If they can’t watch someone else’s story, they’ll make up their own.

It’s a game she used to play with her friends in between classes. Taking turns deciding what happens next, she builds a story with the boys, one sentence at a time.

Even though the twins are identical in almost every way, it becomes clear very quickly that they have very different tastes in tales.

The older brother likes things to go right.

The younger brother likes things to go wrong.

“They tickle the magical plant and make it spit out a key to unlock the window.”

“But the window hits an angry dragon that sets the house on fire!”

“The house belongs to the water serpent chief so all the water serpents work together to put the fire out.”

The brothers have completely forgotten about her as they wrestle for control over the story. That suits her just fine. She’s busy enough as it is recording everything down so that they can laugh over it later. 

She’s also more excited to know which brother will win the chance to finish the story, because no matter what happens in between, the one who manages to create the last line will determine if their tale gets a hopeful ending or a sad one.

Looks like the heavy rain isn’t such a bad thing after all.



Genre: slice of life

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