Short Story: Until the Flower Blooms

Water dropped like a metronome onto the stone floor.

How long had he been waiting?

He couldn’t remember. He’d forgotten where he was, or even why he was in the cave. All he knew was that he was waiting for the single red bud on the grey pedestal to bloom. Once those scarlet petals opened, he would… he would figure something out.

For now, he just needed to be patient, enduring the passing time one droplet at a time.

Unnoticed, his sister watched in her own vigil as her brother served out a sentence that was both his punishment and his treatment.

By the time the blood flower bloomed, there would be nothing left of the bitter man who had killed millions in his misguided path for justice. When that happened, she would be ready to receive the shell of her beloved brother.

This time, she hoped he could have a happier life.


Genre: fantasy

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