Short Story: The Persistent Boy

“He’s back again.”

She peered out the window to find a familiar face at her doorstep, wearing the same starry hat over the same bowl cut, same short fingers clutching the same crumpled envelope folded into the same wobbly triangle.

“Shall I ask him to leave?” her maid asked.

She shook her head. “I’ll talk to him.”

For the past month, the boy had stood before her house, day after day, asking after a person who no longer lived here. Despite what the kid seemed to think, she had no clue where the previous homeowners were, but the boy was persistent enough that it would be easier to find the vanished owners than turn the kid away.

She opened the door. The boy looked up to her with a hope that never dimmed. She stepped back.

“Come in.”


Genre: slice of life

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