Short Story: The Zombie Drug

The drug claimed to restore movement to immobile limbs.

It did. But what it failed to mention was that the control of the restored limbs didn’t go to the owner of the body parts, but the creators behind the drug.

The supervillain organization were patient, waiting a full year before enacting the second phase of their plan. Even then, they started small, a tactic that would cause a lot of legal headache for the unfortunate scapegoats.

Now that the cat was out of the bag, there was no more need to be subtle. Hoards of victims trapped in their own bodies roamed like zombies across the city, forcing the police of split their attention between saving people and tracking down the culprits.

He was also a supervillain, but his favourite and only grandma was among those zombies. Just this once, he would lend a hand.

His eyes flashed gold as he scanned the city.

There they were.

He started a call on the phone he had stolen for this very purpose.

“Hi. I would like to submit an anonymous tip.”


Genre: fantasy, superhero

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