Short Story: The Girl in the Rock in the Pool

In the middle of an unnamed forest sits a deep pool.

At the bottom of the pool lies a large rock. 

Within the rock slumbers a white haired girl.

Contained in her mind are the codes needed to disarm the global security program that has spiralled out of control.

With the enforcer robots’ tight surveillance, carrying out the search in secret is near impossible. But desperation keeps them going, taking advantage of their human cognitive flexibility to mask their plans and create their own opportunities.

Finally, after a century of searching, they find her. Not by design, but by accident. A crane slips while clearing a forest for development and its fall almost smashes itself and the stone it hits in half. The impact leaves a wide crack in the rock, and the water damage shorts out the machine’s system.

Though unexpected, the human workers quickly smuggle the girl out of sight. It’s easier than hiding the elation on their faces, but fortunately for them, the facial recognition software isn’t familiar with extreme joy.

Unfortunately for them, no one knows how to wake up the girl.

“My Grandmama knows what to do,” a boy says.

His grandmother is hours away, cared for and imprisoned within the inner city with the other older folks.

Well, they’re no stranger to obstacles anyway.


Genre: science fiction, speculative fiction 

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