Short Story: The Eyesore House

Stuffed animal heads mounted on the walls, a gothic fountain of blood, scraggly weeds as tall as a full grown man that ensnared all who passed.

In any suburb, the house would already be considered outré. But this wasn’t just any suburb. This was the cleanest identical houses along the tidiest streets flanked by the straightest bushes.

Naturally, the house offended every resident in the area.

They signed petitions and made appointments with the council, but the gaudy decorations remained. In fact, with every attempt to tone it down, the façade grow more and more outrageous.

In time, they gave up and altered their routes so they didn’t need to look at the monstrosity.

No one bothered to go inside. If they did, they would have found a completely normal interior, and the home of the most highly sought after private architect.

“Why the weird décor?” a girl asked the homeowner as he added a giant stuffed fly to an empty spot in the wall.

“The people who can’t be bothered to visit aren’t worth knowing, and those worth knowing won’t be bothered by what my house looks.”

The architect clapped his hands after setting his latest addition in place and turned to the girl.

“So, you wanted to give your room a makeover?”


Genre: slice of life

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