Short Story: Unknown Variable

They kick off the winter season every year with a day-long snowball fight. Guys versus girls. Both sides are equally ferocious with no clear winner throughout the centuries.

This year, they have an unknown variable. The latest addition to their family is a petite lady who is smaller in size than everyone over the age of 14. Due to her long distance relationship, she has never joined their annual competition until she married into the family.

Knowing how bloodthirsty they can get in the heat of the battle, they can’t help but worry that they’ll accidentally trample over her. Once the fight begins, however, it’s clear there’s no need for their worry.

Their new member of the family is small, but that just makes her harder to hit. Like lightning, she zips past the tiny gaps in their defence and assassinates their opponents with scary efficiency. Needless to say, the girls win by a landslide.

Next year, the guys will devise clever plan to turn their newcomer’s speed against her. But this year, the girls celebrate their victory as they usually do, waited on hand and foot by the males of the family.


Genre: family, slice of life

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