Short Story: Knot a Problem

One look at the frustration on his sister’s face is all it takes for him to make the offer. “I’ll help you.”

When he dumps the bag of tangled yarns on his bed, his breath catches, but it’s too late for regrets. Pressing his lips in a determined line, he gets to work.

Picking at the looser loops, he nudges apart the multicoloured strands. He goes slow, not wanting to accidentally create dead knots. The yarns reward his patience by gently unravelling under his touch.

When he’s done, his mouth is dry, his body hurts when he moves, and the afternoon sun has dimmed into dusk. The aches that have accumulated after the hours of intense focus fades at his sister’s relieved delight when he hands her ten neatly coiled balls.

Two weeks later, he receives a handsome handknitted jumper with special sleeves that end with holes for his fingers to poke through like fingerless gloves.


Genre: slice of life, family

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