Short Story: Mismatched Earrings

Always hanging from her ears was a pair of mismatched earrings. One was a golden apple, the other was a smooth glass sphere.

They weren’t always like this. Both began as gold apples. The stark difference between them now was due to a habit of hers.

Whenever she was nervous, her left hand reached up to rub over her earring. In the beginning the textured surface was a grounding sensation. As her skin rubbed off the outer layer, revealing the transparent glass beneath, she gained more confidence and the cool touch became a reminder of all the challenges she had overcome.

The earrings was a common ice breaker topic whenever she met new people. Many asked about the story behind the mismatched pair, but she never answered.

Just like how she had learnt and grown over the years, she would like her own friends to take the time to discover the story behind her earrings themselves.


Genre: slice of life

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