Short Story: Morning Sizzle

If I can own only one thing in the world, I’ll choose a noise cancelling headset.

On a good day, I can hear the whisper of my neighbour’s cat padding over their soft carpet.

On a bad day, I can hear the rapid tapping of a centipede’s many feet as it crawls over the bark of a tree further than my eye can see.

Today’s an average day. I wake to the delicious sizzling of fat rendering on a hot pan in a house two blocks away. It’s too far for me to smell anything, but my mind helpfully pulls up the memory of salty bacon and juicy steak to fill in the blanks.

I’m hungry.

I turn my attention inwards, but I can’t hear any heartbeats at home other than mind. I groan with self pity. If I want any food, I’ll need to prepare it myself.

It’s a weekend morning. I don’t want to be up any earlier than noon. But the cooking sounds amazing.

I writhe under my duvet, making the sheets rustle noisily against my ears, but it’s not enough to block out the sizzling. Even worse, other sounds start spilling in, like the regular ticking of a toaster timer and the gentle bubbling of a brewing coffee. Every sound is calling me out to of bed.

“Fine,” I hiss and fling the covers noisily off me. I stomp my way down the stairs, letting the heavy thumps drown out the sounds of life around me as I head for the fridge.

I will accept nothing less than a full breakfast today.


Genre: fantasy, slice of life

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