Short Story: A Slippery Challenge

The challenge was to stack three sticks of butter on top of each other. A simple exercise that no one would have trouble achieving.

Yeah right. The goal might be simple, but the conditions were anything but.

First, the table was on a platform floating on a churning wave pool.

Next, as part of the challenge, spectators were armed with truckloads of water balloons to pelt the participants with.

And worst of all, the hot weather made the butter soft and slippery. Some fell apart in their hands, others slid off the table into the water, making the challenge impossible to complete.

But for the rare winners, a large stack of cash waited for them on the stage.

In the waiting area, a young girl warmed up. Her family had bills to pay. She wasn’t going to let that prize money slip through her fingers so easily.


Genre: general

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