Short Story: The Sea She Used to See

Once, the sea was her backyard.

Then her family moved to the city.

They still had a swimming pool, the biggest on the block that was almost the same size as their first floor, but no pool could beat the vastness of the borderless ocean.

And it wasn’t just the lack of water that was troubling. The waves could be noisy, but the hustle bustle of the city was even more so. Music saturated the air, intermingled with human voices and mechanical beeps, punctuated by the honking of a car or a sudden bark of laughter. Even at night, the city was alive.

She did her best to endure the sensory onslaught, but on the days when even her noise-cancelling headphones couldn’t give her the peace she was looking for, she went to the pool. Filling her lungs with the slightly smoky air, she pretended to be a rock and let herself sink into the quiet water. Eyes closed and with only the sound of her heartbeat in her ears, it was almost like she was back at the sea she used to see.


Genre: general

Camp NaNoWriMo short story count: 5/31

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