Short Story: Solar Powered Friend

They liked to joke that he was solar powered.

During the day, he radiated energy. He joined all the events, played hard, worked hard, carried people like they weighed the same as a piece of paper, dashed up the stairs like he was running one flight instead of twelve, and more.

Once the sun set, however, he moved like molasses, and even then he only moved so that he could crawl into a space to sleep.

After knowing each other for years, none of his friends thought anything about it. Even their tutors accepted that he would never make it to any night classes.

That easy acceptance was a boon she didn’t expect to receive when she first created her android.

Meant to act as her avatar in the outside world, she’d tried her best to make the android as human as possible, but power source was always the problem. All the software and hardware needed to imitate humans’ many micro expressions drained any battery she could install within hours. Solar energy helped bridge the gap, but not efficiently enough to store for later use.

But if the others don’t find it strange that they had a friend who couldn’t function at night, then she had nothing to worry about. Maybe one day, she would be strong enough to leave her home into the real world, then she could explain the mystery to her one-sided friends.

She hoped they would accept her as easily as they accepted her android.


Genre: science fiction

Camp NaNoWriMo short story count: 10/31

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