Short Story: Clearing Out

They’re halfway through their project when they receive the order to abandon it.

“Please, give us another year. We had some setbacks, but we’ll be able to complete a prototype drug by then.”

But the higher ups have already made up their minds. The lab is to be cleared immediately to make room for a new project.

What about the test subjects? The order to clear out is conveniently vague, uncaring of the fact that stopping the treatment halfway would only lead to a life of excruciating pain.

Well then, the vagueness can be turned to their advantage too. They ‘clear’ all the subjects by relocating to a new venue, and if their current sponsors want to pull out, they’ll find new ones. It shouldn’t be hard. Surely there are people out there who want to grow back limbs.


Genre: general

Camp NaNoWriMo short story count: 11/31

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