Short Story: In His Stead

Parenting Pains (start here for context) | Dangerous Disagreement | Sorry State | After the Accident | Mini Mystery | In His Stead | Sibling Fight

~In His Stead~

Once, she feared her younger son.

She’s still wary of him, but years of love from his older brother has soften the ill tempered toddler into a more conscientious teen. They might never be completely comfortable with each other, and she’s self aware enough to know that it’s largely her fault, but at least now she’s able to sit by her youngest’s bedside while he sweats off an intense fever.

Lost in his dreams, her youngest son keeps calling out for his older brother, who is away on a trip with his university friends. They’re trying to break her oldest son’s tendency of dropping everything in his life for his brother, so order for her older son to continue his holiday, she has promised to take care of her youngest son in his stead.

She makes herself comfortable with a pillow against her son’s wooden headboard. With a book in one hand and refreshments on the bedside table within reach, she braces her other arm on a bolster and runs her fingers through sweaty bangs. Under her touch, the restless squirming calms. Even with his flushed complexion and laboured breathing, it’s the most relaxed she has seen her youngest in her presence without her older son around.

One day, she hopes that this peace will be the norm rather than the exception.


Genre: family, superpower, slice of life

Camp NaNoWriMo short story count: 16/31

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