Short Story: His Ten Year Loop

In stories, time loops usually lasted a few days or a few weeks.

His was ten years.

The most agonizing part about such a long loop was having to remember every single thing he could for a whole decade, never knowing if he had broken free or not until years later.

After dozens of loops, he identified a seemingly ordinary girl who would later destroy the world as the key. After hundreds of loops, he found out how to kill her before she killed the world. After even more hundreds of loops, he realized that killing the villain wasn’t what he needed to do, but to turn her into a hero.

As a man fifteen years older, it wasn’t an easy task, but he was tired of this endless loop that even his death couldn’t save him from. By the time he managed to keep both of them alive to her 25th birthday, he’d already lived through thousands of loops.

On the last day, he sat alone in his room, drunk on the best spirits he could get his hands on. Either he would wake to a new day with the worst hangover of mankind, or he would return to the past with a clear head. He had nothing to lose.

The next time he opened his eyes, his bed bobbed like a boat in a crazy storm.

He was free.


Genre: fantasy / science fiction

Camp NaNoWriMo short story count: 25/31

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