Short Story: Just a Small Inconvenience

Even the Small Things (start here for context) | For the Small Requests | From a Small Connection | Just a Small Inconvenience | A Small Distraction | A Small Bite

As a solo adventurer, he had to wear many hats. He’d done everything from field medicine to horse whispering to blacksmithing to husbandry.

He’d never been a tour guide before.

Like many things in the recent years, the source of his unusual situation came from Mintbreeze.

“My friend has done all the research she can from books and she’s hit a dead end. She needs to see the real thing. Can you take her with you to Volatile Volcano? At your level, it should just be a small inconvenience.”

So here he was, in a dangerous zone most adventures didn’t dare to travel alone, with a bookworm on her first adventure with survival instincts even worse than her abysmal combat ability.

“How fascinating. It turns red when I touch it,” the scholar muttered to herself as she knelt by a cluster of angry mushrooms, completely oblivious to the rapid razorlier that would have sliced her in half if he hadn’t killed it first.

“This smells like chicken. Does it taste like one too?” she said as she reached for a fistful of diaweeds, which would have killed her faster than she could taste it if he hadn’t stopped her.

Mintbreeze lied. It wasn’t just a ‘small inconvenience’. And worse… he wasn’t even surprised anymore.

“What happens if I tap this?”

He rushed over to stop her before she sprinkled paralyzing spores all over herself.


Genre: fantasy

Camp NaNoWriMo short story count: 24/31


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