Short Story: Herbal Memory

The herbal tea shop has been in my family for generations, with every child learning the recipes in the same way other kids learn the alphabet.

Or so I’ve been told.

I don’t remember anything before I woke up in the hospital after a car accident. The medical staff call me an amnesiac. The strangers family members call me an heir. I can only nod along as they bring me to an old shop with large containers lined up under a traditional Chinese shop sign.

Even without looking at the name plates before the containers, I can smell the tea inside. Hemp Seed Drink for constipation, 24 Flavours to balance out heatiness, Five Flower Tea to sooth sore throats… And hidden at the side of the table, herbal tea eggs soaking in their savoury bath.

The familiar scents calm the worry in my mind. There is still so many gaps in my memory, but I still retain the knowledge to be the heir they want me to be.

For now, this is enough.


Genre: slice of life

Camp NaNoWriMo short story count: 27/31

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