Short Story: A Size Too Small

They all had the same uniform, but her curvaceous body made her look more scandalous than the rest.

She shifted uncomfortably in the hanging room, tugging at the hem of her shirt that rode too high for her comfort while trying to breathe through the tight band around her bust.

“Are you alright?” her manger asked.

She pressed her lips together. Women didn’t like it when she complained about the issues that came with her larger boobs, saying that she was ungrateful for what others could only wish to have. Men tended to leer when she drew attention to her chest. This new place would be no different. It was better to keep her silence.

“Ah. That looks a little small on you. I’ll get a larger size,” her manager said matter-of-factly as he grabbed a new uniform and handed it over to her. Once done, he left the room to let her change.

Maybe… this place wouldn’t be that bad after all.


Genre: slice of life

Camp NaNoWriMo short story count: 30/31

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