Short Story: Wolf Watch

Written in response to the Inktober prompt #8: Watch.

~Wolf Watch~

Her role is to observe. Unless her wards or kingdom are in mortal danger, she’ll let their mortal lives flow uninterrupted. Under her watch, she has seen countless rulers – good, bad, incompetent – lead the country she birthed.

For most of those who have been under her care, a hands off approach has worked well, especially for those who do not like to be reminded of her existence. But every few generations, a child comes along who needs more direct intervention.

The current third prince is an active boy whose ability to get into trouble is far more developed than his ability to identify danger. The only way to keep him safe is to lock him up like a prisoner, but that’s not a life any inquisitive mind should live.

“Leave him to me,” she says to the prince’s stressed caretakers.

She takes the form of a wolf and walks alongside the boy. She still lets him explore what he wants – some lessons have to be learnt through personal experience – but in this form, she can nudge him away from danger much earlier.

At her request, her true identity is hidden from the prince. She wants to see, will the prince find out who she is before he no longer needs her?


Genre: fantasy

Inktober attempt:

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