Short Story: The Labyrinth to Freedom

Written in response to the Inktober prompt #10: Pick.

~The Labyrinth to Freedom~

Invisible to the eye, she floats above the labyrinth while a runner stands at the entrance, faced with two options. After a moment’s hesitation, he steps through the doorway and picks left.

The path leads him through a narrow corridor with hardly any room for him to dodge the spears that shoot through the walls. So the young man completely ignores them, counting on his speed to keep him out of reach. His feet slides as he turns sharply around the corner, and now his arms spin wildly as he tries not the trip on the oily marbles coating the floor. He almost slips over the edge to the spiked ditches the line both sides, but manages to reach the other end.

She follows his progress from the sky. It’s been years since anyone survived the maze. Maybe this human will finally break the dry spell!

Then she sees something that makes her blood boil.

The labyrinth is deadly, but she designed it so that those who overcome the trials hidden within the winding passages earns their freedom. Yet, instead of an exit, the runner meets a dead end. He punches the walls first in frustration, then resignation as the monster he just escaped catches up to him.

This will not do.

She descends in between the man and the beast and knocks the monster back with a wave of her right hand. With her left, she grabs the human by the arm and leaps up into the air.

For years, she has appointed wardens to manage her labyrinths. It’s time for her to pay them a visit.


Genre: fantasy

Inktober attempt:

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