Short Story: Unexpected Mission

His blood oozed sluggishly out of the two puncture wounds in his neck, cool and thick against his fingers. Red eyes watched him with a smile that was supposed to be indifferent but did nothing to hide her eagerness.

“You know you can’t go back to the life you know anymore, right?” said the vampire who bit him.

His family was different. They wouldn’t turn on him, just like how they sheltered his great-grandmother to this day. But that was a closely guarded secret, even to the wider vampire community.

“I’m not leaving with you,” he said.

“Do you really have a choice? In a few hours, the sun will rise. What will you do then?” the vampire grinned until her fangs shone under the moonlight.

That was a good question. The original plan was for his older sister to be turned and brought into the vampire gang as an undercover agent. He hadn’t expected to be the one to catch their target’s attention. He didn’t have the training nor the experience to be a spy.

But this crazy vampire was fixated on him. He knew her type. ‘No’ wasn’t an answer. Whether he liked it or not, she was taking him back with her. Even though he hadn’t chosen the undercover life, it appeared that the undercover life had chosen him. He would make the best out of the situation.

“Let me at least say goodbye to my family,” he said. A few last minute pointers would be better than nothing.

“You can, but if you do I’ll kill everyone before you go. Or you come with me right now, and I’ll let them all live. Your choice.”

His great-grandmother would easily win over this young vampire, but then their secret weapon would be exposed. For now, it was safer to play along. His family was smart. He trusted them to figure out what happened.

“Fine. I’ll go with you.”

Reluctantly, he took his first step as a spy.


Genre: fantasy

January stories of beginnings: 9/22

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