Short Story: (Above) The Lake

“What’s your sister doing?”

Beside their campfire is a short path, the path leads to a large lake, and at the edge of the lake stands his sister, knee deep in the gently ripping water.

“She likes the water,” he says with a carefully insouciant shrug. Inside, he hopes desperately that his sister shows some self-restraint and steps back onto the damp ground.

She doesn’t.

Without hesitation, his sister continues until every part of her disappears out of sight. Their friends chuckle. This isn’t the first time they’ve found her dipping herself into any body of water. Compared to the lobster tank, this is tame. But when she doesn’t resurface, mirth turns to worry.

“Hey, is she alright?”

He knows she’s perfectly fine, but their friends can’t know why.

“Yup. Don’t worry. Leave her to me,” he says as he runs towards the lake.

~Continued in (Below) The Lake~

Genre: slice of life

February story pair: 4/10

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