Short Story: Cop and Robbers (Robber)

Robber (read this first) | Cop | Damage Control

This new superpower thing is great.

With a snap of his fingers, the lock obediently springs apart, allowing the door to swing open with a gentle touch. Of course, he can pick the lock easily with his own skills, but he’ll never say no to shortcuts. The time he saves now means more time for chaos later.

He dashes down the corridor like a silent shadow, straight for his goal. According to his research, his target should be in the fridge.

And it is. Tiramisu with extra Marsala, extra mascarpone, extra everything. He scoops a big fluffy bite even before taking the glass container out of the fridge into the cooler bag he prepared especially for this occasion.

“Stop right there.”

He zips up the bag and vanishes it with a clap of his hands. He shows his grumpy pursuer his now empty palms.

“Stop what?”


Genre: superpower, fantasy

March triplet story: 1/6

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