Short Story: Dangerous Wedding

~Dangerous Wedding~

Her brother is getting married. A truly auspicious event held at a luxurious hotel large enough to house all their guests, the paparazzi, and a group of lucky fans.

It’s the grandest wedding she’ll ever attend, and that’s ok, because she’s just a guest, and she’s already stressed out of her mind.

Cameras capture every moment. She can’t even adjust her bra without a dozen people noticing, and that’s not even counting the millions of fans watching her brother tie the knot on livestream. She avoids alcohol like it’s lava. Getting intoxicated here would be social suicide.

Her hands twitch nervously as she hangs a stiff smile on her lips. If she’s careful, she’ll be safe as just another insignificant face in the crowd.

Only six hours left to go.


Genre: slice of life

2 thoughts on “Short Story: Dangerous Wedding

  1. My son and his two groomsmen nearly got the giggles during the ceremony because the priest used the word “auspicious” and they have a running joke about it. One had to hide his face behind the other to not crack up. This wedding was much more relaxed than your story! Thank you for contributing.

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