Short Story: High Secret

No one ever looks up.

She watches everyone search for her with both hands clamped over her mouth to hide her giggles. Laid comfortably across a nice wide beam in the kitchen ceiling, she can wait forever.

“Alright, I give up,” the current seeker finally says.


“You can come out now.”

Nope. She isn’t the undefeated champion because she shares her secret spots.

She waits patiently until everyone has lost interest and wandered to the dining room where the mini bacon quiche and the lemon slices are. Then, when she’s 300% sure no one’s looking, she drops silently onto the kitchen table then roll into a crouch behind the counter.

On all fours, she crawls out the other exit of the kitchen, goes around the living room, slips into the dining room, and slides into an empty seat.

It takes a glass of ice longan and two chocolate macarons before her cousin notices her with a shriek and drops his lemon slice all over himself.

She waves.



Genre: slice of life

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