Short Story: Game of Skill

It would have been a fun game, if their boss hadn’t joined in.

God was fair. Their boss was a young genius who grew his business into a listed company before he was old enough to live alone, but he was abysmal at games. Physical, digital, luck based, strategy based. If it could be considered a game, his loss was a forgone conclusion.

Unfortunately, not only did he hate losing, he hated pity wins. Boss wouldn’t fire them over a game, but he would get upset, and when he was upset, he blasted Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on loop for days.

Their chosen multiplayer game had two modes. They originally planned to play a battle royal with one month’s exclusive rights to the best parking spot as the reward for the final survivor. Not anymore. Everyone split into two teams, with the strongest players grouped together with their boss to keep him alive. The rest of them would put their acting skills to the test.

On the screen, a cheery jingle played on repeat as the colourful avatars waited to be selected.


Genre: slice of life

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