Short Story: Caffeine-terrupted

She just lifted her cup from her coffee machine when someone knocked on her door.

Closing her eyes, she inhaled the bitter-tinged brew. Whoever was outside so early on a gloomy morning could wait a few moments.

Something clicked to her right and her kitchen window swung open to admit her neighbour’s head and a chilly gust.

“Good morning! We need a judge,” he cheerfully as he wriggled head first into her sink.

“What for?” She clutched her mug to her chin as her neighbour skipped forward. Her mouth burned when she desperately gulped the still steaming liquid.

“Whoever creates the best wind turbine motor gets to choose which part of our group assignment to do first.” His hands closed over hers and pried her fingers apart with frightening efficiency.

“But I don’t know anything about engines,” she cried as her fingers grasped the air. Her neighbour parked her coffee back on the drip tray.

“Even better. That means you’ll be impartial.” He grabbed her by the shoulders and steered her towards the door.

She was anything but impartial when she made sure her neighbour came dead last, no matter how fast his car went.


Genre: slice of life

End note:
Her neighbour eventually figured out why her mood was darker than the overcast sky and apologized with a packet of specialty coffee beans every month. And that was how he became the VIP of every coffee store in their city.

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