Short Story: Hunger Pangs

There’s a black hole in her belly.

It’s hard to stand straight when her body wants to fold her like a closed book. It’s harder still to ignore all the delicious scents around her.

Sweet hope, bitter regret, sour disappointment, spicy anger. Emotions swirl in abundance around her. All she needs is to lower her barrier to feast. No one will know if she gleans just a little bite from everyone.

Her collar warms in warning when her attention slips, causing her mental shields to waver. She scowls.

Correction: one person will notice.

She swallows her drool before it escapes. It’s been so long since she felt satisfied. How can she focus when every human she passes smells so tasty?

A crackle in her ear announces her contractor’s incoming message. “What are you doing? The target’s in another block.”

“Being distracted by food,” she doesn’t say. She’s due for her monthly feed in three days. She doesn’t want to give her contractor any reason to mess with that.

“Followed the wrong trail,” she lies, “I’ll be right there.”

She slips out of human view and launches herself into the air with a single leap. Maybe if she catches the criminal fast enough, she’ll finally get a full meal.


Genre: fantasy

Note: AKA the story where I write about hunger without using the word hunger.

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