Short Story: Invasion of Privacy

I was born with one brown eye and one black one. The brown eye sees things as they are, and although the black one does not always see the things in front of me, it can see much more.

It sees the past.

Younger me thought it was normal. Not so young me had fun experimenting with the limits of my ability. Present me is retroactively realising how much I’ve trampled over other people’s privacy.

Everyone wears masks. Some more than others. Usually people choose which parts of themselves to present to their audience. My black eye bypasses all of that. The deepest dimples can’t hide my sight from their browser history.

It’s too late to undo what I’ve already done. On the dark side, I know that dirty secrets can lurk behind the most innocent smiles. On the bright side, I’ve seen the warm hearts hidden beneath the most hostile scowls. So if I treat everyone with equal suspicion, then I’ve at least use the crimes I’ve committed for good, right?


Genre: fantasy

July stories: 1/21

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