Short Story: Ancient Macaroni

~Ancient Macaroni~

Grandma isn’t a bad cook. She’s just lazy.

Don’t have the right ingredient for the recipe? Milk and cheese are both dairy. Same same right?

Can’t find the recipe? Sprinkling a bit of every spice in the pantry should do the trick.

Can’t remember the right oven temperature? If it’s cooking too slowly, crank up the heat. If it burns, turn it down.

But the worst is the expired food.

“Grandma, this macaroni’s expired.”

Grandma’s sharp eyes peer over the rim of her third pair of spare specs. “No mould. No holes. Eh. Good enough.”

“The expiry year starts with a one. That’s older than me!”

“It’ll be fine.”

No way. That sounds like the kind of stunt that earns a one way ticket to the hospital. The expired pasta is thrown into the bin and they order dinner.

There is no macaroni.


Genre: slice of life

July stories: 2/21

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