Short Story: Deadly Curiosity

She always knew she would die young.

What could she say? She was born with unbridled curiosity and none of the self preservation instinct needed to stop herself before she crossed the invisible line that everyone else navigated so skilfully.

Normally, the worst that could happen was committing a faux pas, easily ignored if she didn’t plan to return to the same place or meet the same people again.

This time, her curiosity brought her to a shady alley behind an unusually quiet train station. And where most sane people would have turned around at the defaced row of abandoned businesses, she pressed on until she became the unwitting witness to an attempted murder.

Once again, anyone with a healthy fear of death would already be running for their life. Nope. Not her. She just had to know.

She leaned forward in anticipation as she asked, “What’s the story? What did he do?”


PSA: if you do witness a crime please run away. Don’t be like her.

Genre: general

She may or may not be the adult version of the curious twin in Curious Twin, Cautious Twin.

July stories: 6/21

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