Short Story: Obstacle Course

She was on the final stretch of the obstacle course. Her body trembled from head to toe, wrung out from the previous stages. The chance to rest was within sight, but she needed to squeeze out every little drop of energy first.

The problem wasn’t the row of oscillating pendulums blocking her path. That was just a distraction, same as the flamethrowers and the huskies. The real challenge would be something else.

With the flamethrowers, water launchers shot people off the path when they stepped on the wrong tiles.

With the huskies, the participants had to dodge wet dog food so that they didn’t get tackled by the greedy huskies.

She checked both sides of the path before her. It was completely clear. Suspiciously clear. That meant…

Her eyes landed on the narrow track she had to take.

Oh no.

She gritted her teeth and ran. With every step, the platform broke away beneath her feet like crumbling cookies.

If she had any breath to spare, she would be cursing.


Genre: general

July stories: 15/21

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