Short Story: Operation Drop and Roll

Whumptober fill No.3: Gun to Temple | “Say goodbye.” | Impaled

Takes place in the Defenders of the Wall verse.

CW: violence

~Operation Drop and Roll~

As Leora, younger sister of Lavi, youngest head of the Department of Defence’s history, she had no reason to use a gun.

As Shadow, who could disintegrate buildings with a snap of her fingers, Leora had even less reason to use a gun.

So right now, pressed against an intruder with a collar of fingers clamped tight around her neck and a muzzle pressed to her temple, was the closest she’d ever been to a firearm.

“Open the safe,” the ringleader of the group of six said.

Despite being outnumbered by the attackers, her brother kept his expression calm as he raised his palms, right thumb pressed lightly against the second knuckle of his right forefinger. The signal for operation ‘drop and roll’.

As her brother spoke, Leora slumped a little against her captor and clawed weakly at his fingers, letting her mouth fall slightly agape as if she was having trouble breathing.

Both Leora and her brother were worth more to the intruders alive than dead. The one in real danger was Edmund, lying prone on the floor beside the couch. Not just because her bodyguard was bleeding from a dozen stab wounds and so concussed he couldn’t lift his head, but because he was expendable. The longer he stayed, the more likely she would need to find a new bodyguard.

“Please be careful with my sister. She has a weak constitution,” Lavi said.

The fingers around her neck loosened. She gasped loudly, greedily breathing in.

Lavi knelt down to open the safe.

The panels in the floor shuddered like an earthquake. She threw her weight down while her captor wavered and broke free from his grasp.

She landed on Edmund, just as planned. Powered by the determination to stay alive and the fear of failure, she pulled him into a roll with her into the secret compartment under the couch.

The first thing she did was to continue the roll until Edmund laid on his side. Not a moment too soon, as Edmund’s retching started at the same time as the gunshots outside.

Now came the hardest part of the operation.


In the darkness, Leora pressed her ear to Edmund’s back to listen to his fluttering heartbeat and prayed that she’d see her brother’s smile again.

~Continued in Swaying Bridge~

Genre: fantasy

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