Short Story: Bloody Timekeeping

Whumptober 2022 fill No.10: Taser | Whipping | Waterboarding

Features characters from Family Secret.

~Bloody Timekeeping~

In a world with superheroes who could fly and supervillains who could teleport, Mr. Top Hat was just a powerless villain with a lame hat.

The public didn’t know that Mr. Top Hat was actually a husband-wife duo.

The public also didn’t know that Mr. Top Hat had a son with no superpowers, just like them, but a strong moral code, unlike them.

And because of that love for justice, that son was now streamed live, wrists tied to the ceiling and shirtless as masked men whipped angry red lines into his back.

“Your heroes are taking their sweet time to save you. Are they really coming?” the men jeered and laughed as they turned their son’s back into a tally sheet. One lash for every minute.

They were at fifteen stripes and counting.

The heroes might be their son’s rescue plan A, but every villain worth their salt knew the worth of back up plans.

They checked their equipment one last time.



It was time to save their son.

~Continue the story in Backup Rescue and The Obvious Trap~

Genre: family, fantasy, superhero


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