Short Story: The Obvious Trap

Whumptober 2022 fill No.25: Lost Voice | Duct Tape “You better start talking.”

Whumptober 2022 fill No.26: Separated | Rope Burns “Why did you save me?”

Features characters from Family Secret. Follows after Bloody Timekeeping and Backup Rescue. Read those first for context.

~The Obvious Trap~

The path to their latest target was clear. Not just the room with the safety box containing the bonds they wanted to steal, not just the floor with their target, but the whole five story building.

It was obviously a trap. But Mr. Top Hat walked in anyway, because they knew who was waiting for them.

“Fancy meeting you here,” Mr. Top Hat said.

Their son remained silent from his spot on the couch. Conflicted emotions flashed across his still-pale face.

They loved their son, but right now, they weren’t family. They were opponents with irreconcilable differences in their sense of justice.

“I’m going to continue my job. You talk when you’re ready.”

He headed towards the safe. Outside the building, his wife kept watch on their son’s hero friends waiting outside at the perimeter. If anyone interfered, they wouldn’t be caught off guard.

Between their tech and his experience, the safe was cracked in seconds. He slipped the bonds into the special compartment sewn into his costume.

“You better start talking. I have other things to do tonight,” he said as he packed his tools.

Their son startled, then winced when the move jostled his still tender wounds.

“Why did you save me?” their son asked, voice soft in the quiet building.

It was a question they anticipated even before they made the choice to rescue their son in their supervillain persona.

“Someone offered a contract. The terms were good so we took it,” he said easily.

The record was there for those who knew how to look. And who would offer such a job? Desperate parents would do many things for the safety of their child.

“Oh. I thought… Never mind.” Their son sounded… strangely relieved. “Those documents are fake, by the way.”

“I know.” His wife already stole the real one hidden in the CEO’s house just before he snuck into the building. And in any case, they were more interested in the information on the bond than the bond itself, which the copy replicated beautifully. “But you went through so much effort to plan this meeting, it would be rude not to show up.”

He headed towards the door. The heroes would certainly have their eyes on the exits, but he wasn’t going to deliver himself into their hands. He had a soft spot for their son, but he wasn’t soft.

“Any last words before I go?”

“… Thank you.”

Ah. What a lovely son they had. If only he was more… morally grey.

“My pleasure.”

He closed the door behind him and activated the sleeping gas they’d hidden beforehand. With the heroes outside completely oblivious and their son inside unable to tail him, he slipped into a hidden tunnel and disappeared.


Genre: fantasy


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