Short Story: A Great Villain

Whumptober 2022 fill No.16: Mind Control | Paralytic Drugs | “No one’s coming.”

Features characters from Family Secret

~A Great Villian~

They had always thought their son would make a great villain.

It was both delightful and terrifying to be proven right.

Their son had neither superpowers nor combat training, but he mercilessly exploited his superhero friends’ hesitancy and masterfully turned their abilities against each other. All that, while gaining a fanbase for his delicious competency and pleasant face.

They would treasure this day forever, but their son certainly wouldn’t once he was released from Puppeteer’s mind control. For the sake of their righteous son, they should intervene.

This time, their involvement was a lot easier to explain. The holographic glasses prototype Puppeteer wanted their son to steal was on their wish list.

While her husband infiltrated Puppeteer’s base out of sight, she confronted her son openly as Mr. Top Hat.

“If you want this, you’ll have to wait in line,” she taunted.

She and her husband didn’t have superpowers, but they had impeccable teamwork and a healthy appreciation for theatrics. They attacked Puppeteer from both fronts, and in the moment Puppeteer lost control of their son, she pretended to knock him out as she stole the glasses right in front of his eyes, using the movement to disguise herself lowering her unconscious son to the ground.

“Better luck next time.”

Not that they intended for there to be a next time. The Puppeteer’s ability could be easily nullified if the victim ate sugar while under the influence, and they would make sure their son’s friends knew exactly what to do if this happened again.


Genre: fantasy

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