Short Story: An Endless Line

Whumptober 2022 fill No.18: “Just get it over with.” | Treading Water | “Take my coat.”

Water licks my chin as my heavy limbs struggle in the water. It’s been over an hour since I was tossed off a boat by a jealous trafficker. The only thing I can see is the sea meeting the sky in an endless line around me, and it might be the last thing I see.

I was supposed to meet the ringleader two hours ago to report on my progress sniffing out the mole in the organization. I’ve narrowed it down to four candidates, possibly all working together. The idiot who threw me into the ocean isn’t involved. That’s just an unfortunate coincidence.

A wave slaps my face making me sputter as I claw myself higher. I’ve been sinking deeper and more often. It’s only a matter of time before I’m just another body in the sea. My only hope is that the ringleader wants my information desperately enough to look for me.

A grey patch breaks the perfect line around me. It’s a boat. Different from the one I was kicked off, but not one of the ringleader’s usual ships. I don’t know who it is, but anything’s better than where I am now.

I gather the little strength I have left and wave one arm in the air.

“Over here!”


Genre: general

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