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The chronicles of a fledging blog growing into its own.

Goal of Logical Dreams: October Recap + November Goals

Last month, my goal was to post something every day. Other than two missed days, I managed to have something up every day, so I’m counting October as a success 🙂

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) starts today, and over the 30 days in November, I will attempt to write 50,000 words. I will be putting most of my focus on that project, so I doubt there’ll be much activity here.

See you in another month, where I’ll hopefully be able to greet you again with good news.

All the best to everyone attempting NaNoWriMo this year!


Goal of Logical Dreams: September Recap + October Goals

Last month, I wanted to reorganise Fiction Navigation. In the process, I’ve found that the method I was using was fine, except for clusters of stories that had a lot of interrelated entries, like Hands of Destruction. For those, I’ll want to group them differently.

There is still much to do, and I’ll get to it a little at a time. Ultimately, I just want Logical Dreams to be as easy to navigate as possible.

In October, I’ll be trying my best to prepare for NaNoWriMo in November. So the goal will be to cultivate a productive writing habit by posting every day. Either I’ll burn out, or I’ll get used to churning out a lot of words every day. Regardless, there’ll be more posts on the blog, so everyone wins 🙂

Anyone else participating in NaNoWriMo?

200 Subscribers!

Logical Dreams has more than 200 subscribers!

I started this blog at the end of 2011, wanting to post my stories but also being afraid that they would be stolen by others. However, it wasn’t until I decided it didn’t matter and posted what I really wanted to share that Logical Dreams really took off.

200 may not be a lot compared to some blogs out there, but that’s still 200 people who took the time to visit and subscribe to this little blog.

Thank you for your support! Without you, blogging would be a much more lonely experience.

Goal of Logical Dreams: August Recap + September Goals

It’s only as I was about to make a post that I realised it was already September!

My goal last month (and the month before) was to redesign the Fiction Navigation page.

I’ve started to process, but it’s not complete. I’m also taking the chance to link related stories properly to each other.

So looks like it’ll be another month of housecleaning for Logical Dreams. See you next month.

Goal of Logical Dreams: July Recap + August Goals

Last month, my goal was to redesign the Fiction Navigation page.

That did not happen.

But that’s fine. New month, new chance.

This month, I would like to give it one more shot.

See you again next month! Hopefully with a cleaner Fiction Navigation page.

Goal of Logical Dreams: June Recap + July Goals

In June, not only did I want to post something everyday, I wanted to set up a regular schedule. If you’ve been checking on Logical Dreams regularly, you would notice that new posts have been appearing every day at 10am!

This is something I would like to continue in July.

Other than that, I would like to do update the Fiction Navigation page. As I write more and more stories, more and more things get added to the page until it’s a huge wall of text. The Fiction Navigation page is meant to help people navigate Logical Dreams. In July, I would like to see if there’s a better way to present my clusters of stories.

Are there some changes you believe would help you navigate Logical Dreams? Feel free to share in the comments below.

See you again next month.

Goal of Logical Dreams: May Recap + June Goals

In May, I aimed to post something every day. I got pretty close. Hope you enjoyed all the stories on Logical Dreams this month 🙂

In June, I still want to aim for a post a day, with the additional goal of having a regular time to post them up.

Please look forward to it and see you next month!

Goal of Logical Dreams: April Recap + May Goals

Last month, my goal was to create a longer story around 1000 words.

That story is Different Views. If you haven’t yet, do check it out.


For May, I’m going back to an old goal, which is to post something every day this month. I hope this would be an interesting month for you as it would be for me 🙂

Goal of Logical Dreams: March Recap + April Goals

In March, I wanted to create a convenient place to gather the more popular stories on Logical Dreams.

Here it is!

Some stories I remember without problem, others I could not recognise from the just reading the title. How many have you read from the list?


For April, I would like to write a longer piece. Around 1000 words would be good. Either in one post or as a multi-chapter story.

See you next time!

Goal of Logical Dreams: February Recap + March Goals

Hey there. It’s been awhile. More than a week, actually, since my last post.

I knew February would be busy, so I didn’t really set a goal. Hence, there’s nothing much to report on my February progress.

This month, I want to find my ‘most liked stories’ and list them somewhere. Partly out of curiosity and also to provide a convenient shortlist that is less daunting than going through all the stories in this blog.

I’m pretty excited to see what will end up on the shortlist.

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