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Stories about the people who defend the city wall and keep everyone safe from the monsters outside.

Short Story: Identity Reveal

Related to Shadowing Shadow. Also features characters from Before the Interview.
Genre: general


“Did they really?” they whispered.

“Heard she got cornered near the labs.”

Holding their food, Leora and Edmund made their way through the gossiping Fighters.

“Everyone’s lively today,” Leora commented.

“Someone found out who Shadow is. They’ll announce it tonight in Training Room E-5,” Edmund said.

“You going?”

“I haven’t decided yet. What about you?”

“No. I’m pretty sure Lavi’s going to shut the whole thing down anyway because ‘it’s a distraction and a waste of time’. You won’t want to get caught.”

When the time came, they deliberately started a game in Leora’s unofficial office, far away from the training room where the identity reveal was happening.

By the time they finished fifteen minutes later, everyone involved had been slapped with extra duties as punishment by a very unimpressed Lavi.

To rub salt into the wound, the people who organised the announcement weren’t even right.



Short Story: Vice-Captain Vincent

Genre: slice of life


It was only a superficial wound, but Vice-Captain was screaming as if his arm had been torn off.

“How did he become Vice-Captain?” Theo said before he could stop himself.

“You finally asked,” said Thomas.

“Do you know?”

“Of course. I know everything.”

“So how did Vice-Captain become Vice-Captain?” Theo asked.

“He’s full of drama, but he’s actually the brains of the group. Haven’t you noticed? Captain has the goals, but it’s Vincent who actually turns it into training exercises and battle plans. That’s why he’s always the one to brief us before we go out.”


Theo looked at his vice-captain with fresh eyes.

“I’m dying.”

The moment was lost.

“Vice-Captain really is the smartest guy on our team?”



Short Story: Fashion Statement

Genre: humour
Read Scarf Lover first.


Last time, it was a long, impractical scarf. This time, it was multiple belts that hung fashionably but uselessly off the newbie’s waist.

The captain took one look at the shiny chains and changed his training plan.

“Today’s training is a free-for-all practice fight.”

The other team members turned as one to the newbie. The newbie blanched and frantically unclasped his many belts.





Short Story: The Right Attitude

Genre: action, fantasy
Takes place in the Defenders of the Wall world.


They didn’t have the super power nor super strength of Fighters, but if they focused their attention on the monster, even they could bring it down.

Keyword: focus.

“Fight with me,” he yelled.

But no one would answer his call. They ran and hid, leaving him alone with the massive beast that had broken through the city wall.

“That’s fine,” he told himself, “I just need to be very careful.”

“You’re not wrong,” someone said, “But leave this to me.”

The monster roared and crumpled to the ground. Someone walked up it to stand on its head.

A Fighter.

“I like your attitude. Become my student. I’ll train you to fight.”


And that was how he became the first Fighter without super strength or powers, paving the way for a new type of Fighter.

The N Class.


Short Story: A Flavourful Team

Genre: slice of life
Talks about characters from Mission Gone Wrong. You’ll want to read that first.


“Eileen is like sugar. Sweet, but have too much of her and you get fat,” Theo said.

Eileen, who was offering cookies she baked over the weekend, looked at Theo. “So you don’t want any?”

“Gimme. I can be fat for you.”

“What about Vincent?” Thomas asked.

“He’s like pickles,” Theo said after some thought. “Best in small doses.”

Across the room, the vice-captain was freaking out over… something.

“Agreed. What about Alan?”

“Captain is like… meat. He’s the big man. He gets things done.”

“What about me? Aren’t I the big guy of this team?” Thomas flexed his arm.

“You’re like a turtle. We can throw you anywhere and you’ll still come back.”

“We’re talking about flavours, not animals.”

“We ate turtles on our last mission.”

“Fine. What flavour is Ezra?”

Theo’s eyes shone at the mention of the senior who had mentored him when he first joined the team. “Ezra is salt. Just sprinkle a bit of him on anything and everything becomes ten times better.”

“That sounds weird.”

“The conversation was weird from the start,” Ezra commented behind them. Theo choked on his cookie.

“What about you? What’s your flavour?” Thomas asked once Theo could breathe again.

“I’m bread. No. Rice. I don’t taste like much. I’m just there. But, I’m more flavourful when I’m with the rest of you.”

The last part was said in a mumbled whisper, but the rest of the team caught it anyway. Nosy eavesdroppers.

“Aww. Our little newbie is growing up.”

“Here. Have another cookie.”

“I knew we kept you for a reason.”

Theo ducked his head, cheeks burning but lips curled in a helpless smile.

“Don’t sell yourself short. I like rice. Rice goes well with a lot of food,” Ezra said.

Theo’s smile widened into a grin that lifted his whole face.

“You’re right. A little sprinkle of Ezra makes everything better,” Thomas said.

A few elbows dug into him.

“Shh. Don’t ruin the moment.”


Short Story: Hidden Heart

Genre: humour


“Captain hates me.”

“No he doesn’t.”

“He told me to quit the team.”

“We’ve all heard that before. Twice, at least.”

“He tried to kill me during training.”

“He just wants to make sure we’re strong enough to stay alive outside the wall.”

“You! What are you still doing here? Training’s over. Get out.”

“He just kicked me out!”

“You know how emotionally constipated he is. Hidden under that gruff exterior is a tender heart that cares for you.”

The captain approached them, grabbed them by their arms and threw them out of the room.

“He just threw me out. Literally.”

“… The heart is hidden really, really, deep down.”


Short Story: Because of a Lollipop

Genre: fantasy


Lavi took one look at what used to be a lab and demanded, “What happened here?”

Bennett and Benjamin, the only conscious people left, looked helplessly at each other.

How could they explain that the disaster started because someone stepped barefooted on a lollipop and freaked out, which startled the new Fighter they were examining, whose power lashed out and shocked every single equipment into malfunctioning and knocking out almost everyone and most of the lab.

Lavi pointed at Benjamin.

“You. Explain.”

Benjamin cleared his throat.

“Someone dropped a lollipop, sir.”


Short Story: The Second Passenger

Genre: fantasy
Takes place in the Defenders of the Wall universe.


In a world where monsters ruled the wastelands, travelling between cities was risky. That was why he always triple checked everything on his PB before leaving.

So why was he only discovering his second passenger one week into the journey?

“I’m sorry. My little brother snuck in,” said Lucy, his only official passenger, with a helpless shrug as the boy hid behind her.

There was no use turning back. They were already halfway to the next city. The kid would just have to come with them.

“Of course, I’ll pay for all his expenses.”

Rather than that, the bigger problem was the blow to his pride. Obviously, he wasn’t as meticulous as he thought if a little kid could stay undetected on board for so long.

* * *

“You weren’t even here for ten minutes. That’s just sad,” Lucy said once they were safely in her bunk.

“I have super speed. Not super stealth,” Cory grumbled.

“So? What are you doing here? Not that I don’t love you, but this was supposed to be a solo mission,” Lucy continued in a much lower voice.

“Mission update. There are two targets,” Cory reported.

Lucy nodded. “Got it.”

“Great. Then I’ll leave you to it.”

Lucy caught Cory by the arm before he fled.

“Where are you going?” she asked with a too-sweet smile.


“How can I let my little brother disappear?”

“But I’m not supposed to be here.”

“Too bad. They know you’re here now, so you might as well stay and help me.”

Cory’s lips twisted in disapproval. Lucy tightened her hold.

“If you stay and help, I won’t tell anyone you almost blew the mission.”

Put that way, there was really only one option.




Lucy also appears briefly in Promise Me This and is mentioned in Team Goal Discussion.

PB: Private Bus. Distinct from the public Buses which people can use to travel in between cities.

Short Story: It Started as a Little Bud

Genre: fantasy


It started as a little bud.

Shadow had just returned after single-handedly saving the city from a colony of monsters. He wasn’t the only one to develop a crush that day, but as he watched the Fighter, he thought his feelings were more admiration than love.

Then one day, he was caught too close to the wall when a monster unexpectedly broke through. Caught in its claws, he thought he was dead, but a blur of purple killed the monster first and he lived.

The bud blossomed into a flower.

He wasn’t born with super strength of special powers, but Shadow was a Fighter, and becoming a Fighter himself was his best shot at getting close to her. He found someone willing to train him, giving the excuse that he wanted to become stronger so he could protect everyone.

What followed was two years of gruelling training before he broke down and finally told his teacher the real reason behind his decision to become a Fighter. By then, the flower was a monstrous thing that wrapped all around him.

“That’s a stupid reason, but it’s still better than that sorry excuse you gave me last time,” his teacher said.

Three months later, he was accepted into the Fighter program.

“This is only the beginning,” his teacher warned.

But it was still one step closer to Shadow, and he would take all the steps he needed to finally meet her.



Check out the related story Morning Training.

A Day of Firsts

Genre: fantasy, action
Follows after Before the Interview and Second Opinion.


~A Day of Firsts~

“Rule 1: No inappropriate touching,” was Lavi’s first words to Edmund on his first day as a bodyguard.

Edmund shifted Leora before she slipped off his back.

“Rule 2: Do not wake her up. Not even if the world is ending. Especially if the world is ending.” Read the rest of this entry

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