Short Story: Role Reversal

Whumptober 2022 fill No.24: Blood Covered Hands | “I don’t want to do this anymore.” | Catatonic

Whumptober 2022 fill No.31: Comfort | Bedside Vigil | “You can rest now.”

Takes place after Operation Drop and Roll. Read that first for context. Alternate POV to Swaying Bridge.

~Role Reversal~

By the time Lavi released them from the hidden couch compartment, Leora was soaked in blood. Blood on her clothes where she laid on her side, blood on her face where she pressed her forehead to Edmund’s back, blood on her hands where she held Edmund’s body steady so he didn’t choke on his own bile.

Lavi pulled her out as medics rushed in. She gripped his fingers in her own trembling ones. He pulled her into a hug, uncaring of the blood that covered her.

“You’ve done well,” he said.

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Short Story: Swaying Bridge

Whumptober 2022 fill No.8: Stomach Pain | Head Trauma | Back from the Dead

Takes place after Operation Drop and Roll. Read that first.

~Swaying Bridge~

When Edmund was a child, there was a rope bridge near his house. He and his friends used to climb it on windy days and ride the swaying bridge.

The world was swaying now, but he wasn’t a child, and he wasn’t on a bridge.

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Short Story: Operation Drop and Roll

Whumptober fill No.3: Gun to Temple | “Say goodbye.” | Impaled

Takes place in the Defenders of the Wall verse.

CW: violence

~Operation Drop and Roll~

As Leora, younger sister of Lavi, youngest head of the Department of Defence’s history, she had no reason to use a gun.

As Shadow, who could disintegrate buildings with a snap of her fingers, Leora had even less reason to use a gun.

So right now, pressed against an intruder with a collar of fingers clamped tight around her neck and a muzzle pressed to her temple, was the closest she’d ever been to a firearm.

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Short Story: Dangerous Daze

Whumptober 2022 fill No.2: Cornered | Caged | Confrontation

Whumptober 2022 fill No.4: Hidden Injury | Waking Up Disorientated | Can’t Pass Out

Takes place in the Defenders of the Wall verse. Read Sticky Fingers first for context.

~Dangerous Daze~

In the quiet medical ward, Ezra sat vigil beside their injured newbie.

Well, that wasn’t the simple mission they’d hoped for to ease them back into the field.

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Short Story: Sticky Fingers

Takes place in the Defenders of the Wall verse. Features characters from Mission Gone Wrong. Could be helpful to read that for context.

Whumptober 2022 fill: Adverse Effects | Unconventional Restraints | “This wasn’t supposed to happen”

CW: contains fighting and serious injury

~Sticky Fingers~

“You just need to think less and do more.”

That was Captain Alan’s advice to Theo two months ago, after a disastrous mission outside the city wall that made Theo wonder if he was fit to be a Fighter. But his squad mates believed in him, so he would work hard to think less. New mission, new Theo. He would fight any monster in front of him…

“Theo, your task is to stay behind with Ezra.”

… or not?

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