Short Story: Deceptively Light

Third Cousin’s latest girlfriend opens their ancestral home’s double French doors on her second try.

That’s not supposed to happen.

The deceptively light doors are held shut by a notoriously finicky latch. Learning how to jiggle it open is a rite of passage, taught only to those who are a part of the family. Has someone leaked their family secret?

“I’m a professional safe cracker,” the girlfriend shares over lunch, and all three generations sigh so loudly the two family dogs trot in to investigate.

If she figured out how to open the lock on her own, they have a rare opportunity. After the meal, they usher her to the attic, locked by an equally finicky bolt that no one knows how to remove. The girlfriend fiddles with the old metal before giving her verdict.

“I can open this, but I need my tools. I can bring them with me next time.”

All eyes land on Third Cousin , both a wordless threat and a silent plea.

Don’t break up with her!


Genre: slice of life

Short Story: There is

There is a thief in her pantry.

Armed with a broom, she turns on the light. The warm glow reveals her error and she throws herself prostate to the kitchen floor.

There is a prince in her pantry.

“You servant humbly greets the First Prince,” she says to the dark tiles. Her mind races for any crimes she might have committed but the worst thing she has done is bring the unwanted offcuts back home with her to share with her family.

There is a guard in her kitchen.

He bursts through the entrance and tackles the crown prince to the floor. The guard presses a ring to the prince’s neck, and the heir to the throne disappears in a cloud of steam.

There is a kind face in front of her.

“Don’t be alarmed. That was just a copy. There is a rogue enchantment duplicating the crown prince. If you see his royal highness, alert your closest guard.”

There is a story for her to tell.

“You won’t believe what happened to me today.”


Genre: slice of life, fantasy

Short Story: Hidden Mischief

Eyes curve into a smile as lips part to reveal a gap where a baby front tooth used to be.

He immediately plasters his back to the wall and opens all eyes and ears for any clues. It’s bad enough when the twins wear matching grins. When he can see only one daughter, the other is definitely getting into mischief out of sight.

“Where’s your sister?” he asks.

His answer comes in the form of an explosion of glitter, covering him from the tips of his premature grey hair to his Lego-bruised feet. Twin peals of laughter dash off in opposite directions as he struggles to wipe the gunk off his eyes. He can’t even yell at them or risk choking on the colourful pieces.

He doesn’t know who got the twins glitter, but he will find them, and he’ll make sure all the mischief makers clean every shiny dot from the house.


Genre: slice of life, family

Short Story: A Sea of Mountaintops

Dreams of crisp highland air and an ocean of summits filled her days leading up to the trip.

Reality was a dizzying headache that left her unable to walk and a tight band that made every breath as hard as planking. Her severe altitude sickness didn’t abate while she waited, which left her with no choice but to descend. Seeing that they weren’t even halfway to their destination, her dream of a mountaintop view vanished like morning mist.

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Short Story: Feline Regrets

A blur of white around the corner is their signal.

They shoot forward, arms out, and pile on top of the wayward cat like a human net. The feline yowls, and then it’s their turn to howl as claws draw blood.

“Quick! The carrier!”

“It’s locked.”

“Swap with me. I’ll open it.”

“Wait! Don’t let go!”

The cat wriggles free and dashes up the couch to jump to the top of the TV cabinet. White fur stand out among the dark d├ęcor, tauntingly close yet so far.

Six cousins groan and lay like ragdolls on the floor. Their parents said they can get their own kittens if they successfully cat-sit for the weekend. Marked with scratches and covered in fine hairs, they don’t think they want any pets after all.


Genre: slice of life