Short Story: The Obvious Trap

Whumptober 2022 fill No.25: Lost Voice | Duct Tape “You better start talking.”

Whumptober 2022 fill No.26: Separated | Rope Burns “Why did you save me?”

Features characters from Family Secret. Follows after Bloody Timekeeping and Backup Rescue. Read those first for context.

~The Obvious Trap~

The path to their latest target was clear. Not just the room with the safety box containing the bonds they wanted to steal, not just the floor with their target, but the whole five story building.

It was obviously a trap. But Mr. Top Hat walked in anyway, because they knew who was waiting for them.

“Fancy meeting you here,” Mr. Top Hat said.

Their son remained silent from his spot on the couch. Conflicted emotions flashed across his still-pale face.

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Short Story: Backup Rescue

Whumptober 2022 fill No.15: Lies | New Scars Breathing Through the Pain

Whumptober 2022 fill No.19: Knees Buckling | Repeatedly Passing Out | Head Lolling

Whumptober 2022 fill No.20: Going into Shock | Fetal Position | Prisoner Trade

Features characters from Family Secret. Follows after Bloody Timekeeping. Read that first for context.

~Backup Rescue~

Their son’s hero friends were strong. Bite cement like carrot sticks and launch a dozen ships with one sneeze level strong. Unfortunately, against normal humans, their strength was also their weakness.

A single casualty was enough to end a super’s career. The masked men knew that, so they threw themselves at the heroes in a grapple, forcing the heroes to try and peel them off like fragile wet tissue. It was a nail biting battle.

In other words, an excellent distraction.

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Short Story: Bloody Timekeeping

Whumptober 2022 fill No.10: Taser | Whipping | Waterboarding

Features characters from Family Secret.

~Bloody Timekeeping~

In a world with superheroes who could fly and supervillains who could teleport, Mr. Top Hat was just a powerless villain with a lame hat.

The public didn’t know that Mr. Top Hat was actually a husband-wife duo.

The public also didn’t know that Mr. Top Hat had a son with no superpowers, just like them, but a strong moral code, unlike them.

And because of that love for justice, that son was now streamed live, wrists tied to the ceiling and shirtless as masked men whipped angry red lines into his back.

“Your heroes are taking their sweet time to save you. Are they really coming?” the men jeered and laughed as they turned their son’s back into a tally sheet. One lash for every minute.

They were at fifteen stripes and counting.

The heroes might be their son’s rescue plan A, but every villain worth their salt knew the worth of back up plans.

They checked their equipment one last time.



It was time to save their son.

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Genre: family, fantasy, superhero

Short Story: Public Safety

Genre: fantasy, superpower


One of the hardest part about being a supervillain was balance. Be too good, and the public would complain they were only pretending to be villains. Be too evil, and their already shaky support from the government would be revoked. (Not that they relied on their supervillain funding to function. Everyone knew it was a mistake that would be removed eventually.)

The details didn’t matter. Their target, how they acquired their equipment, what they planned to do, the government wouldn’t interfere. It was just part of their role as the supervillains, just as it was the superheroes’ role to stop them.

But cause one casualty, and both the supervillains and superheroes could get in a world of trouble.

That was why when a suicidal idiot ran headfirst into their attack, she stopped her plan at once to begin first aid. The superhero who fought against her just seconds ago now worked alongside her on the same team, keeping the crowd calm and calling for professional help.

Behind her mask, she sighed.

Why did being a supervillain also mean being a hero too?


Short Story: Irony

Genre: family, irony
Start from Secret Inheritance.



Irony /ˈʌɪrəni/ n. a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often wryly amusing as a result.

In other words, having a pure, righteous son when she and her husband… had more flexible morals.

For added irony, the boy who was interested in their supervillain trade was from a family of outstanding police force members.

Funny how the world worked.

Ideally, they would keep everything within the family. Much easier to hide a secret meeting over family dinner than arranging a highly suspicious meetup with their son’s friend. Unfortunately, their son’s moral code was strong, and the circle of friends he tended to hang out with would only reinforce that.

Sometimes, she caught herself watching her son and wondering how his skills would fit in their team. How could anyone refuse that innocent face? His quick thinking would surely be an asset when things didn’t go as planned. He was good at making friends. He would be great for infiltration missions.

Sigh. What a waste.