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I’ve posted a lot of stories on this blog. Some of them stand alone, some are actually connected to each other. All these stories can get very confusing very quickly, so I’ll do my best to group the connected stories here.

Sweet Couple
The LetterUnhelpful Friend | Dream Come TrueSweet Nightmare | Weekend Plan | Love Rival


The Price of Sacrifice
What will you give up to save your loved ones?
No Going Back | The Price of Sacrifice | Looking for the Right Melody | Missing Time

Hands of Destruction
An artist receives the ability to destroy.
Hands of Destruction | For the Missing Ones | Destroy to Create | Constant Surveillance | Accident | Third Chance | Retrospective Introspection

Sometimes, what you get isn’t what you want.
Fear | Desire | Aerial SearchStuck

Agent Sunshine
… Why Sunshine? You’ll get it after you read the stories. Hopefully.
One Sky, Many Faces | Contract Job
Help from the Shadows | Agent Sunshine | The Sun That Shone Also Burned

The price: one kiss.
The result: one minute of illusions so strong they can warp reality.
First Kiss
Behind the Kisses
Triumphant Kisses
Wavering Kisses
Rescue Kiss

Drowsy Days (linked but not closely related to the other stories in Kisses. Yet)
Cookie Days

Defenders of the Wall

The stories in Defenders of the Wall mainly take place in a city surrounded by a wall that keeps the monsters out and protected by teams of Fighters (usually people born with superhuman strength or special abilities).

Among all those teams of Fighters, I focus a lot on one particular team. Here’s the list of stories that feature them, arranged in roughly chronological order but not really.

The Vice-Captain’s Injury
The Captain’s Injury
Vice-Captain Vincent

Scattered Pieces
Giving His All
Hearing It All
The Last Piece
Full Attention

Would You Rather

Pancake of Distraction

Mission Gone Wrong

Team Goal Discussion

Like Fighting Glass

A Date?

For stories relating to Edmund the bodyguard:
Before the Interview | Second OpinionA Day of Firsts | Forced Relaxation | Identity Reveal